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Ladies Panties Online Shopping

We women often bother about our outfits; we want the best of clothes in order to look good. But little do we know that our innerwear is as important as our outerwear. The wrong or right panty can change the look and feel of your favorite garment. This is exactly why ladies underwear has now become much more than just bare essentials. With the changing times and trends, panties have undergone a massive makeover and have now become style statements in their own private right.

Fiza embraces the latest trends and styles and offer you an extensive panties online shopping range. Whether you’re looking for comfortable boy short and cotton hipsters or bikini briefs and flower print thongs, Fiza has a panty to suit every style preference.

With Fiza, you have a wide range to choose from as you buy panties online. For special occasions, you’re sure to find underwear that will suit your ensemble. On the other hand, for those figure-hugging office trousers or dresses, pick out a thong that will help avoid the unsightly visible panty line. Look through our wide range of bikinis, thongs; boy shorts hipsters and much more. Shop online for some great deals and discounts on your favorite lingerie.

Panty According to your Body Type

Gone are the days when your lingerie was only restricted to black and white essentials where, you had couple of pairs with you, which would be rotated every now and then. In the modern day, your body type is one of the best ways of determining your type of panty.

If you are a still skeptical then check the below mentioned styles and then choose the best from ladies panties available 0n Fiza.


The one thing that comes into mind every time you think bikinis is the sandy beaches and the sun setting against blue waters. Apart from being a part of beach wear, this type of women panties can also be worn at the daily basis. Ideal for low-cut jeans, women, who have an hourglass figure, can easily do this lingerie. Even, the inverted triangle shaped ones can also try this panty.


Leaving the rear uncovered, a thong is a triangular shaped panty that is best to be worn when you do not want any panty lines to show. This style is great for body-hugging outfits, body on dresses or even formal pants for that clean chic look. When you buy underwear online, always check go for that ones that have thin elastic at the back that doesn’t cause discomfort and at the same time stays discreet.


Anything that has fitted crotch, low waistline and a well-fitted bottom is a boyshort. Basically a female version of boxers, this type of woman underwear is very popular as any body type can wear it. If you are concerned about the seam lines showing, then it is best to choose no show boyshorts that have laser cut edges for a clean look even under the tightest of outfits.


After boyshorts, most women would go for this brief style called hipster, which helps in covering the entire crotch and rear area and yes, it fits all body types. However, it can be tricky to choose the right one when checking to buy panties online. The best way to judge is by checking the cut and material. If you are slighty heavy on the tummy, picking high-rise hipsters can give shape to your tummy region and can control your side bulges.

Once you are aware about your body type, it is easy to buy panties especially online. From everyday cute panties to that special night hot panty, fiza has it all! Just check fiza’s website and get the one that you have wanting to buy till now.